Air-assisted lateral transfer and repositioning mattress available in both Single Patient Use and Reusable models. It offers a significant reduction in the forces required to laterally transfer and reposition patients to contribute to reducing caregiver injury. At the same time, it creates a safe and comfortable transfer solution for your patients.  It was designed to provide the best solution in air-assisted transfers while recognizing the importance of simple user-friendly features.

Single Patient Use

The single patient use mattress is designed for the duration of the patient’s length of stay. Some disposables are not durable enough to last during the entire stay due to a variety of factors. It changes all that with a rugged design that holds up in the toughest environments. The mattress can be wiped down clean for even longer use, following your facility recommended infection control disinfectant guidelines. These factors save you time and money, while providing a confidence in product durability and user compliance.

Mattress Design

We use the same material you find in a state of the art, low air-loss mattress for its top layer. This further reduces pressure and increases breathability by removing an unnecessary top layer you see in many other air transfer mattresses. Our mattress is designed to be compatible with most manufacturer air-blowers to allow for seamless mattress replacement and its unique design provides additional benefits to both patients and caregivers.

Training & Support

 We specializes in reducing injuries associated with Lateral Transfers and Repositioning tasks.  We offer expert clinical support, and a variety of training platforms; including simple instructional videos, to our comprehensive lateral transfer program. We have designed our education offerings to drive competency of staff, compliance of use, and program sustainability within your organization. With today’s new challenges associated with social distancing, our technology driven education platforms make it easy to get the training you need on demand. Using virtual training labs, user friendly videos, and live webinar events we are sure to have an option that works for you

  • Width: 86cm (34”), 99cm (39”) or 127cm (50”)
  • Length: Full Size 198cm (78”) long; Half Size 119cm (47”)
  • Handles: Full Size (34”, 39”& 50”) – 25cm long; Half Size & Full Size
Suitable for use in X-ray and MRI
  • X-Ray: Air-Assisted Transfer Device Single Patient Use Disposable mat is radiolucent
  • MRI: Air-Assisted Transfer Device Single Patient Use Disposable mat only (air supply must remain outside of MRI environment with extended supply hose).
Air Supply
  • Type: Air-Assisted Transfer Device branded air supply manufactured to specification
  • CE/UL 60601-1/CSA 601.1 M90 Certified by laboratory
  • Hospital Grade Plug, 6’/25’ Air Supply Hose
  • 1200W 220-240V Power, 2 Micron Filter