Super Absorbent Breathable Pads

Breathable Absorbent Pads: soft flat sheet with an absorbent layer and a waterproof breathable underside that stops fluid getting through to equipment below and wicks away moisture  to protect the patient’s skin. Designed to be breathable and to manage climate control and preserve skin integrity.


99.87% Moisture Is Locked In After 5 Minutes

Adborbent Skin Care Pads contain 3 layers (Latex Free )

  1. Soft, non-woven air-permeable top layer is gentle on the skin of the very young to the very old, as well as vulnerable and fragile skin during periods of illness.
  2. The super absorbent inner layer allows body fluids to be taken away from the skin. The fluids are locked in the inner layer to keep skin dry.
  3. The breathable, waterproof backing assists with the containment of fluid for safe disposal.

Moisture Management: Preserving the micro-climate, the TouchDRYTM draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin and feels dry to the touch in just minutes.

Breathable Backing: Permits air flow with air-permeable backsheet. Compatible with all pressure redistribution surfaces, including low air loss mattress therapy. 20 times more breathable than traditional blue underpad.

High Level Fluid Handling Capacit: Absorbs 3.2 liters per m2 (AWTA 62 which assists the containment and safe disposal through control of fluids.

Reduce Cleaning Cost: By protecting your bedding, air-assisted patient transfer mats, OR tables, equipment, and patient slings.

Patient Benefits:

  • Breathable – The MVTR Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) measures the passage of water vapor through a substance. The higher the MVTR rate the more breathable the product. PLUS is 772.8g / m² / 24h / 74oF. Compared to 32.6 and 19.8 with other traditional bed pads. (Test method ASTM E96-2012).
  • Keeps skin dry – preserves the microclimate – the moisture balance of skin and reducing or eliminating the risk of moisture related skin damage is paramount in maintaining skin integrity.
  • Soft and flat, it can be used in direct contact with skin.
  • Reduced odors due to highly absorbent polymers encapsulated in the core.
  • No added pressure – A independent pressure study proved that there was no additional pressure load on a patients skin when using  Test were conducted at 55 lbs, 110lbs, and 220 lbs.
  • Latex free
  • Multiple sizes available

Unique Advantages:

We provide the Protect 78”X39” pad, which absorbs up to 6.4 Liters.  This will fully cover a low air loss mattress, repositioning sling, Lateral Air mattresses, stretchers, and more.  Our customer feedback about competitor’s product were there are many cases where two pads need to be used because competitive products only provide a 36”x31”.  Also, we have the larger 48×35” that absorbs 3.87 liters.  A 36” wide pad does not have enough coverage and staff access to the pad is very difficult under bigger patients.  Our product absorbs more and faster, even in smaller standard sizes.  Our advantage of more coverage, absorption, and quicker dry times; translates into less transfers/less staff injuries, less skin breakdown, less infections, and less equipment turnover.